Yes, They Missed The Moment

During a rather uninspiring commencement speech that sounded like a campaign stump speech for failed and unpopular policy proposals, President Joe Biden said, “Did we meet the moment? Forty years from now they’re gonna be talking about did we meet the moment?”


Instead of waiting decades to ask the question, Biden should ask it right now to every parent, family, and student in America: have I missed the moment? The answer to the question is yes, the Biden-Harris administration has missed the moment.

When it comes to the economy, this administration has missed the moment. They have failed to lead in a bipartisan manner and deliver policies that create an environment of prosperity for working-, middle- and lower-class Americans.

What we have seen from the Democrats in power at the White House has been nothing more than a smokescreen of poll-tested rhetoric mixed in with terrible policies.

This will be a very different Christmas for many families because Biden and Harris gave the false expectation that they would come into office and make things better. In fact, things have gotten worse.

There is no end in sight to the global pandemic. Biden and Harris have missed the moment in terms of creating any plan to control or eradicate the virus. The answer has been more mandates, more regulations, and more confusion.

It is a sad state of affairs that just before Christmas, many people — including healthcare workers, hourly workers, and members of the military — are losing their jobs because of Biden’s unconstitutional forced vaccine mandate.

For those who were able to keep their jobs and continue to earn a living, they have less money to spend on their families for Christmas this year.

In fact, CNBC reported, “this holiday, 11.5% of people plan to sit out the season by not spending anything on presents, gift cards or other items for entertaining, according to a survey by Deloitte. That’s a record number of Americans on the sidelines, for as long as the consulting firm has been keeping track.”

Inflation is real and there is no end in sight and certainly no relief before Christmas. Families will pay more for toys, if they can afford them, and if they can even get them with the supply chain crisis. Even some Dollar Stores have had to raise their prices.

Christmas dinner will be more expensive (just like Thanksgiving) due to higher prices on just about every food item most Americans love to have for a traditional Christmas dinner.

For the families that want to travel to see loved ones, rental cars, plane tickets, and of course gasoline are all more expensive.

The American people need relief, we need to have some hope that things are going to get better, not 40 years from now, now 10 years from now but today, this year.

We all see the crime wave sweeping the nation hurting so many innocent people and destroying property and businesses. Communities are not safe in Biden’s America, and that puts a damper on a season that is meant to be joyful and peaceful.

The moment we need right now is leadership, resolve, and a real desire to prioritize the American people. The moment Biden and Harris need to meet is the American moment. Sadly, they have proven incapable of leading, solving, creating, and growing the nation into peace and prosperity.

It is clear the days of economic growth, secure borders, public safety, and low employment from the Trump years are over. Radical, woke progressive policies have proven ineffective and, in some instances, like defunding the police, deadly and dangerous.

This Christmas I am thinking about the single mom who wants to get ahead but the government is holding her back. This Christmas I am thinking about the blue-collar worker that is faced with lower wages on a job he might lose because of his opposition to being forced into a medical decision by the government.

This Christmas I am thinking about those families who have lost loved ones, be it the 13 brave service members who perished in Afghanistan or those Americans who have perished because of the pandemic or senseless crime and violence.

This season I would hope the Biden-Harris administration would look at their policies and change course. Build Back Better is more like Build Back Broke, Biden’s open borders are promoting human trafficking and a surge of deadly drugs, the economy is on the wrong track, we are not respected globally, and the American people are suffering.

I have no confidence Biden and Harris will meet the moment so we must do it for them come November 2022 when we hold these Democrats accountable for their actions at the ballot box. 

Paris Dennard is the National Spokesperson and Director of Black Media Affairs for the Republican National Committee (RNC). Follow him on Twitter: @PARISDENNARD.

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