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March 30, 2023 Columns and Editorials

Guest Editorials

OP-Ed: If you don't want to blame Joe

By Rodney Ross

If you do not want to blame Joe Biden for the higher gas prices by using the Ukraine as an excuse, or inflation, or the supply chain disruption when ships remained off the coast of shores but not allowed to dock, or the failure of the COVID vaccine that never prevented the spread of COVID, or the out of control housing crises, or the overwhelming influx of migrants illegally crossing the border, or the obliteration of your 401k retirement savings, that’s fine. But when the call to vote for president Biden came, there was an expectation that things were going to be different. After all, the person running for president addressed every American who was Black. “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black.’’ We did our part. We successfully removed the arrogance of Trump and replaced it with the promise of change. Things did change. The calendar now reads 2023 instead of 2021 or 2022. If we look in our toilets however, it’s the same you know what. In fact the smell is worse because the fan broke and without a job, employment, livable wages, and foreign countries holding our supply hostage, the smell is magnified. The smell of reality stinks and we can thank the last 2 years for reminding us how little value the African-American community is. By the time 2022 concluded, more lives were lost at the hands of law enforcement but the media’s attention has been on the war in Ukraine. Buildings destroyed during a war have more of a priority than the tragedies that take place right here in our communities across our country.  

It does not matter what state you go in. Whether it’s the deeply populated urban cities to our rural communities, African-Americans are hurting. And since Biden and Harris can’t be just one group’s president, it is safe to say that if we are hurting, then America is hurting—because “we” are hurting. Unless of course, you do not consider us Americans and we are somehow packaged into the same category of “the dreamers.”

If you voted for Biden and Harris you should be mad. Running off of the fumes of the Obama administration and the orchestrated character assassination of the prior president who seemed to be inept at shaking the White supremacy stigma, this was supposed to be so different, and to date, it hasn’t. Are our schools better funded? Are there better lending practices? Can we even qualify for a  loan?  How are our small businesses doing? Last checked many of them folded because of unfair lockdown practices that allowed Dot Com businesses to thrive. Big companies and local governments abused and absorbed much of the stimulus money that never made it to our communities and there was no accountability. Instead, more IRS agents were hired to make sure the government takes every cent imaginable from your gains. Is this the win we asked for in 2020?

Letter to the Editor

Vernon Jordan, Prominent Lawyer also Pioneer in Voter Rights, Dies

I salute and honor Vernon Jordan, a prominent lawyer who was also a pioneer in ensuring the 1965 Voters Rights legislation was fully realized in the South and sparked my political journey. As a young lawyer he served as the Director of the Voter Education Project (VEP) in Atlanta, Georgia during the years 1966-1970; sponsored voter education projects and encouraged Blacks to run for various offices through the South, including Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.

In North Carolina, VEP-sponsored projects educated voters about their rights under the 1965 Voter Rights Act and encouraged Blacks to volunteer to run for various offices. In 1968, I ran for Congress and Dr. Reginald Hawkins ran for Governor. I knew it was unlikely that I would win; I lost royally. The primary goal, however, was to increase registration - which we did significantly.

Many earlier political successes in the South were supported and nurtured by Vernon Jordan of the Voter Education Project, for which we are grateful.

Eva Clayton

Former Congresswoman 1992-2003

Letter To The Editor


The recent action taken by the Quaker Oats family of products to change the name of Aunt Jemima to the Pearl Milling Company (which in 1888 developed self-rising flour), was a supposed bid to redress complaints of racism from the perceived belittling name for their best pancake mix taking it away from its legacy of good home cooking.   The face of Aunt Jemima was originally depicted by Nancy Green, a member of my grandfather’s Olivet Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois.  Green, a woman of class, was not a mammy per se but one born into slavery yet found to be a servant of G-d’s word.  In a bid for cultural whatever, “nilism’ is a description for removing all vestige of truth in search of political correctness by which Black History has been distorted with facts thought a disgrace haphazardly removed rather than allow such to exist on its own truth.  read more...

Letter To The Editor


I have a protestation that revels repulsion to think that our intelligence should be, is, insulted by the notion that the truth of systemic-racism, is not a beast, and a monster, is a bold faced lie. To go forth to say that this should not be taught because it will be an agent to instill a poor self image or promote the disease of poor self-esteem is preposterous

Firstly, born, reared, nurtured, supported, and revalidated that I came to this earth to live in the residence of this world as an equal to every other human being. I have the years of longevity to say that I’ve been fortunate enough to live those evidences in the County of Wake, in N.C. read more...