The Right To Vote Isn’t In Danger

If you listen to liberal pundits on television and Democrat lawmakers, you will think that Black people literally can’t vote anywhere, and that democracy is dying because the Democrats in Congress can’t pass their radical election takeover agenda. The reality is all those statements are false and Democrat claims that their federal voting legislation is the only issue critical to the lives of Black Americans is offensively wrong.

Black voter participation is strong, and we all know that. The reasonable measures put in place in Georgia do not prohibit Black people from voting. You can still vote on the weekend, you can still vote by mail, you can still drop off your ballot in a drop box, you can still stand in line to vote, and you can still receive water or food in line if you really need it.

Democrats will have you believe that because you can’t have a political campaign worker in line passing out water to influence you that somehow your right to vote is being infringed upon.

The entire future of the United States of America is not in risk of total collapse if you must show an ID to vote. Democracy is not going to be destroyed by enacting commonsense election protections to ensure your vote is counted and legitimate.

Democrats trying to make it easier for non-U.S. citizens to vote is a real threat to our elections. Yes, that is right: after so many fought, bled, marched, rallied, and died trying to get the right to vote guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, Democrats want to easily give it away to noncitizens to create a new voting block they can pander to, ignore, and take advantage of.

It is offensive to see Democrats in places like Vermont, Maryland, and New York think this is the American way. It is not. That is why the RNC is committed to working in the courts to protect the vote for everyone.

The real question we should be asking President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, the NAACP, NAN, and NUL, along with the members of the CBC is this: Why are you all not concerned about inflation, rising gas prices, crime, murders, and discriminatory COVID-19 policies negatively impacting Black families across the country?

Turn on the TV and see if you hear liberal Black commentators talking about holding the Biden-Harris administration accountable for the December jobs report. That report showed that the overall and female Black unemployment rates went up. They are not writing endless op-eds about the Black youth unemployment rate being above 20 percent.

Why are all these liberal politicians silent when it comes to the negative impact of having an open southern border on Black Americans? We are seeing an increase of drugs like fentanyl coming into communities on top of all the smash and grabs, senseless murders, and looting of Black businesses.

Chicago Pastor Corey Brooks is so incensed with what is going on in his city that he is literally refusing to get off the roof of his church. He is raising both money and awareness so he can be a change agent after decades of failed leadership from these liberal politicians.

The reality for many Black Americans is that the Biden-Harris economy is not working at all, and the results of these policies are making everyday life disproportionally hard by every socio-economic metric.

This week is also National School Choice Week but you will not hear Liberals talking about how having a poor education is a threat to the future of Black children. That’s because the left does not support parents having choice in education through programs like charter schools.

In 2022 we must let the politicians know exactly what the real threats to Black wealth and health are. It is not their bills in Congress that will federalize our elections — just like they are trying to federalize our health infrastructure through discriminatory big government mandates that disproportionately hurt Black Americans.

In Washington, DC 50 percent of Black residents are essentially blocked from indoor establishments like restaurants. In Chicago, 49 percent of Black residents, in New York City, 46 percent of Black residents, and in Los Angeles, 47 percent of Black residents are essentially banned from restaurants, bars, and gyms.

Democrats can keep trying to manufacture a fake crisis, but Republicans will continue to highlight all the actual crises created by terrible Democrat policies that are hurting Black Americans today.


Paris Dennard is the National Spokesperson and Director of Black Media Affairs for the Republican National Committee (RNC). Follow him on Twitter: @PARISDENNARD.

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