The Black community has yet to benefit in this Joe Biden economy

“So far, the Black community has gotten a lot of empty rhetoric, broken promises and mixed messages from the Biden Administration resulting in policies that are not empowering, uplifting or truly helping Black Americans thrive and survive economically during this global pandemic.” -Paris Dennard, RNC National Spokesperson and Director of Black Media Affairs 

The Black unemployment rate INCREASED in February 

  • The Biden’s contribution to Black History month was more Black Americans losing their jobs going, with the unemployment rate going from 9.2% to 9.9% while every other group’s unemployment numbers went down
  • Unemployment numbers for Black men INCREASED from 9.4% to 10.2%

The Biden Administration always claims to listen to experts and follow the data, but the data is clear and Black Americans – especially Black entrepreneurs – are suffering economically

  • According to a new poll by the Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, 29% of Black Americans have experienced a layoff in their household at some point during the past year
  • A recent survey by H&R Block revealed that over 50% of Black-owned businesses saw their revenue drop by half, since the start of the global pandemic and struggled with establishing an online presence for their companies

Knowing all of this, Joe Biden refuses to host a press conference to answer directly to the American people about how his policies are harming those who need it the most

The Biden White House priorities so far have been:

  • Pushing for small businesses to come up with more money to pay their hourly employees a mandated higher wage no matter their revenues 
  • Siding with Teacher’s Unions and not parents who want schools to reopen so they can work
  • Preventing Medicare Part D Seniors from receiving their insulin at just $35 a month by ending a Trump-era policy
  • Killing American jobs and hurting entire industries through bad trade and energy policies and ending the Keystone Pipeline XL
  • Breaking campaign promises of $2,000 stimulus checks 
  • $1.9T Democrat wish list masquerading as a Covid relief bill with less than 10%directly combating COVID-19 and just 1% going towards vaccines

Bottom Line: Black Americans deserve meaningfully targeted legislation, not clearly partisan wasteful spending bills.  Once again, Joe Biden and his Democrat colleagues in Congress are putting special interest groups over the critical needs of the Black community. 


Mr. Paris Dennard 

National Spokesperson and Director of Black Media Affairs

Republican National Committee