Statement From SAU Interim President Dr. Marcus H. Burgess

With unwavering confidence and determination, I address you today regarding Saint Augustine’s University’s response to SACSCOC’s recent decision. I assure you that SAU will keep its doors open, and we have a clear plan to navigate the challenges ahead.

Importantly, SAU will remain accredited throughout the arbitration and litigation processes. Our seniors will still graduate with a degree from an accredited institution, and our students will still receive college credit for their courses. Additionally, financial aid will continue to be honored, and we dedicate ourselves to ensuring that it remains unaffected by recent developments. Our legacy of producing global leaders and positive contributors to society will continue, and our belief in the future of SAU remains strong.

It is essential to understand that SACSCOC’s decision has nothing to do with the quality of our academic programs. We are committed to upholding the high standards of academic excellence that define SAU, and we are resolute in our mission to nurture future leaders who will shape our world with their knowledge, integrity, and compassion.

According to SACSCOC’s arbitration policy, SAU will engage in arbitration and adhere to the outlined procedures. SAU will remain accredited on Probation for Good Cause throughout the arbitration process. We are committed to completing the arbitration proceedings within 90 calendar days. If necessary, we will move quickly upon the completion of arbitration to file a lawsuit against SACSCOC seeking an injunction that, if granted, will allow SAU to remain accredited with SACSCOC on Probation for Good Cause until the conclusion of litigation. We are committed to following the due process. We are prepared to engage in the arbitration and, if necessary, litigation proceedings with confidence and determination.

Click here for updates and Frequently Asked Questions related to our SACSCOC Updates. Our website will keep you informed with regular updates throughout this process, ensuring transparency and open communication with our community.

I assure you that SAU’s legacy will endure. 

With Falcon Pride,

Dr. Marcus H. Burgess

Interim President, Saint Augustine’s University

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