OpEd : My Message To Black America

By: President Donald J. Trump

In 2016, I had a straightforward question for Black Americans: “What do you have to lose?”

Black Americans don’t have to ask what they have to lose in 2020. Instead, the question should now be, “how much more do we have to gain?”

As your President, I’ve done more for the Black community than Democrats like Joe Biden have done in 47 years, and we are going to do so much more. As part of our efforts, we’ve unveiled my second term agenda called the “Platinum Plan” for Black Economic Empowerment, to ensure even more Black Americans have the opportunity to succeed over the next four years.

The plan is built around the pillars of opportunity, security, prosperity and fairness. I’ve committed to adding 3 million new jobs for the Black community, creating 500,000 new Black-owned businesses and increasing access to capital in Black communities by almost $500 Billion to create an era of new prosperity and to finally close the wealth gap.

We are increasing access to capital and economic empowerment for the Black community as a way to build Black generational wealth.

I knew that I could do more for Black America than the Democrat Party has ever done because I am aboutaction. In fact, it’s the Democrats who exploit the sympathies and trust of Black Americans with false promises and empty rhetoric.

Since I became your President, I’ve fought for all Americans. Unlike the D.C. political establishment, which looked out for only a small group of elites at the expense of working families — my Administration is empowering all Americans with an agenda that puts you first, because I care.

The unemployment and poverty rates for Black Americans hit record lows just before we were attacked by the China Virus. Wages are now growing faster than they have in over a decade, especially for blue-collar workers. 

My Administration is fighting to stop illegal immigration, which hurts Black communities, protect school choice, giving parents more options to access better schools for their children, create new and high-paying jobs, and increase investment in low-income areas — these initiatives create unprecedented opportunities for long-forgotten communities across the country.

I was also honored to work with U.S. Senator Tim Scott to create the Opportunity Zones program established through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which has already attracted $75 billion in new private investments and created 500,000 new jobs in struggling, underserved communities.

When it comes to Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), it was my honor to be the first sitting President to invite all HBCU leaders to the White House, address the HBCU Week Conference and permanently fund these important schools through the FUTURE Act.

I am proud that we also passed landmark criminal justice reform to undo the damage of mass incarceration. This is helping people, who in many cases have served harsh sentences for non-violent crimes, to have a second chance at their American Dream. This is widely viewed as one of the greatest bipartisan victories in a long time, and a testament to what we can achieve together.

When there was increased violence and deaths in Democrat-controlled cities, we started Operation Legend, after young LeGend Taliferro and we are seeing results. When lawless criminals kept looting, burning and destroying Black businesses and communities, I said we needed peace, law and order in these same cities to keep communities, and families safe.

In Black communities across the nation, there’s been a reckoning to the reality that the Democrats have failed them for generations. D.C. Democrats are happy to leave urban communities mired with failing schools, no jobs and lost hope while wasting time and taxpayer money on baseless and partisan politics.

The truth is this: Democrats despise my America First agenda because it broke up their taxpayer-funded gravy train that enriched their friends and families, shipped jobs overseas, supported illegal immigrants and continued endless wars while leaving Black American families high and dry.

I will continue to work with any and all Americans who want to Make America Great Again by bringing back American jobs, improving our schools, building safer and more prosperous communities and reuniting families through meaningful justice reforms.

When I promised to stand for the forgotten men and women of this country—whether they live in Chicago or Charlotte, Detroit or Dubuque, or if they are black or white—I meant it. And that’s exactly what I’ve done.

So, I ask you to examine my record and consider voting for me to continue to fight for you, as your President, for four more years. 

11 thoughts on “OpEd : My Message To Black America

  1. I hope many read this and reflect on its content. I’m a hispanic immigrant. I came to this country of opportunities 20 years ago, leaving my childhood friends and family and everything I ever known behind. I came legally, with a work visa, then I got my residency, and 6 years ago my citizenship. I’ve seen the destruction of socialist policies in my birth country and many others. They came into power promising to take care of the people, free this, free that… they demonized the entrepreneur, the business owner, the independent individual, they mentally enslaved the population so they depend on the government. They used public schools to indoctrinate. They changed the history books and taught the new generations to hate, yes hate their own country, the one that was, and so I saw the destruction of a once prosperous country, with the same policies that democrats have imposed for the last 12 years in some of the US states. And I see our american youth in the streets, chanting that they want here what I left behind there. They use the same terms to refer to anyone that opposes them: racists, fascists, bourgeoisie, dissociates…I’m still waiting for this kids to start using “pitiyanqui” which Chavez used to refer derogatorily to those that would prefer the American way of life to their “socialism of XXI century”. Please look at the actions of this president. His policies are the right ones. Don’t fall on the trap of division and hate of socialistic revolution. It only brings destruction. Venezuela went from 30% poverty to 90% in the years of the revolution. We cannot even feed our kids that are growing up with dietary deficiencies. Chavez destroyed the agricultural industry, and the oil industry is in shambles. People don’t have water, gas, electricity. I hope all people of good will find it in their hearts to shake the mental chains off and see the possibilities in a free country, where people are judged by the content of their character and actions and not the color of their skin or rhetoric.

  2. November 2016 I took a chance and gave my precious vote to Donald J. Trump. I had been disappointed for 8 years prior and truly felt, “What did I have to lose”? Well, prior to the Wuhan virus my family and I became truly blessed and even now, 7 months into this ‘covid craziness’, my family and I are still being bless from the policies put in place by THIS President that simply weren’t there prior to 2017. The fact is, America is on track to being Great Again!

  3. Announce a program to rebuild the traditionally black communities in Baltimore, St. Louis, Bronx
    that are all run down and the Dems. have done nothing to up build.

  4. I am proud of what President Trump has done for the country. This should have happened years ago, but especially in the last presidents 2 terms. I am 100% for the black community getting the chance to achieve the American dream and thank you for being the president that took action. I have already voted and a lot of my in laws converted to voting republican. They looked at things with an open mind instead of the D letter. The one thing is I asked is to go full force to dig up the entrenched, smelly, bottom of the swamp, the hangers of that have any ties or links to the cccp branch of the democratic party.

  5. I consider myself “African” and politically “independent” but leaning toward Republican. I lived in America long enough to learn by experience about Democratic Party promises that never became realized. In American politics they call it the “carrot” on the stick” politics to drive the public from one election to another. For me, Democrats have died long time ago that no politics can revive them again. Twice democrats controlled both houses and had two known “liberal” presidents in the White House and both two term presidents. The latter one, the son of African immigrant, and when elected, many African immigrants and descents and many other nationals thought democrats will make a fundamental change in American politics. During his second term election time, I know many naturalized African decent citizens refused to go the polls to vote for again for the son of African immigrant candidate. I am not blaming him but making a statement that Democratic Party is not the Party of the people that encloses we the African decent or they are not willing to make changes in America that will benefit African descendants and in fact all other nationals, the living proof. We are told only promises that trillions of dollars of programs will be made. America is the richest country in the world but have within it people, for only their hate, who instead will prefer to throw away the trillions of dollars into the ocean than seeing minorities mostly African decent have better life. For that reason America lost confidence and faith from minorities. I once in another political platform declared that when I live in America, I will live with another friendly nation’s laws and constitution. I never studied American political science or law, but by experience and observations. My war against democrats or against their proposed programs and promises will show or tell about my knowledge of the unseen or the hidden behind the democrats rhetoric. I am not American citizen and can not vote but if I were, all democrats know I would have vote for Donald Trump not only “what is that I will loose,” but what is mitigated, the hidden, the unseen.

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