Old Hillside Bourbon Company Celebrates 4th Anniversary

By Ms Jheri Worldwide (Staff Writer)

June first marked four years since four black men with roots in Durham, North Carolina created Old Hillside Bourbon Company. “Founded in friendship” and rooted in American history, to watch these men work together and build successfully is a testament to what the right team can do. As we all know, together, everyone achieves more. Named in honor of Hillside High School, the historic black institution in North Carolina and the oldest black high school that still exists, Old Hillside Bourbon is not only delicious and flavorful, but the depth of the flavor reflects the deep roots of the brand. 

Jesse Carpenter, the architect and visionary, tapped high school friend Brian Burton, who brought the idea to Courtney Tucker, who looped in his cousin Emmanuel Waters. Watching these men work collaboratively and move in sync is inspiring and a reminder that it is possible to break the programming and work productively and peacefully. Rising above the conditioning to compete, the team works together on their value-based product highlighting history, honoring veterans, and demonstrating excellence consistently. On the OldHillsideBourbonCompany.com you’ll learn details about the brand’s history in relationship to Black jockeys, “Few people know that in the first Kentucky Derby, 13 of the 15 riders were African-American. In fact, Black jockeys won 15 of the first 28 Derbies, dominating the sport before the Jim Crow laws came into effect. The reason for the majority of the original jockeys being African-American stems from the fact that these jockeys were born into slavery or grew up as children of slaves who were responsible for taking care of the horses. The stories of these Black jockeys, like the names of Oliver Lewis, Isaac Murphy, Alonzo Clayton, and Soup Perkins—have been lost over the years.” The Old Hillside bourbon team continues to bring this history to the American consciousness through informative labels and exciting events. 

A plethora of quality alignments has propelled the brand on social media and in the beverage market. Les Quick, a Hillside graduate and popular social media influencer in the adult beverage space described the bourbon on his viral ‘Whiskey Wednesday’, “With flavor notes of peanut butter, citrus, also some vanilla, oak. It goes down really smooth. I would definitely suggest you pour this up in an old-fashioned.” Spokesman and celebrated actor Orlando Jones is an important thread in the fabric of this innovative organization as well. Jones continues to promote the brand, telling the story and sharing details about Black Jockeys and the history of horse racing in America. The way Orlando Jones shows up and out with comedy and context regarding the historic foundation of the Old Hillside bourbon brand is a testament to the brotherhood these men have constructed.

Per their description, “Distilled in Sparta, Kentucky but originating in Durham, North Carolina, Old Hillside Bourbon Company offers a variety of non-chilled, filtered bourbon products smooth enough for the novice drinker but complex enough for the most discerning enthusiast.”

Call your local ABC store, visit BevMo, or Total Wine. You can also find links to order Old Hillside Bourbon online via the website. Old Hillside Bourbon Company is a high-quality product with a story we can be proud of. Take a sip and taste the heritage, history, and excellence. Cheers to four years and many more. Please drink responsibly. 

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