Nikki Haley Rally in Raleigh Ahead of Super Tuesday

Jordan Meadows

Staff Writer

On Saturday, Nikki Haley, the former U.N. Ambassador and current Republican Presidential candidate, hosted a rally at Union Station in Raleigh in anticipation of Tuesday’s Primary election. 

This event, drawing approximately 1500 attendees, coincided with Haley securing her first two endorsements from U.S. Congressional members, namely Republicans Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Sen. Susan Collins of Maine.

The theme for Haley’s rally could be summarized as “Make America Normal Again”. She criticized Trump as much as she did President Biden when it came to spending, mental fitness, and polarization. 

She critiqued Trump as vehemently as she did President Biden, particularly in the realms of spending, mental acuity, and political polarization.

Haley remarked, “Trump was all about revenge,” alluding to instances when Trump publicly declared that anyone supporting Haley would be permanently excluded from the MAGA circle. She added,  “All he’s doing is talking about himself; at no point is he talking about the American people!”

Despite facing an uphill battle in the state, with poll averages placing her at just 22.5%, Haley has witnessed a nearly threefold increase in support in North Carolina since January 1st, partly attributed to the withdrawal of other candidates.

A significant portion of the rally was dedicated to Haley differentiating herself from both Trump and Biden, particularly in terms of age and mental agility. 

“A majority of Americans don’t want Biden or Trump because they believe they’re too old to be president,” Haley said. “We need someone who can actually win an election.”

On a separate occasion, Haley explicitly conveyed her skepticism about Trump’s chances in a general election against Biden, citing polls that depict Trump and Biden in a tight race, while she maintains a 5 to 10-point lead. She also emphasized her belief that Trump is responsible for the Republicans’ electoral setbacks since 2016.

Olvia Perez-Cubas, the national spokesperson for the Haley campaign, argued, “until Republicans wake up, we will continue to lose. Time for a new generation of conservative leadership that doesn’t turn off the American people.” 

Haley also voiced concern about Trump’s foreign policy, particularly his approach towards Russian President Vladimir Putin and the war in Ukraine. She contended that Trump appears intimidated by foreign adversaries and advocated for America to stand by its allies and partners globally.

Haley staunchly urged people to cast their votes for her, emphasizing that the election remains undecided until the voters have spoken. “We don’t anoint kings, we have elections,” Haley said. “In a general election people have a choice, in a primary election people make their choice.”

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