NCCEH Gets $250,000 Grant From Foundation

The North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness is thrilled to announce the receipt of a substantial grant from the Oak Foundation, a philanthropic foundation committed to addressing pressing global challenges. This grant will play a pivotal role in advancing our mission to eradicate homelessness across North Carolina.

Oak Foundation’s generous contribution of $250,000 underscores their dedication to fostering sustainable solutions for one of society’s most pressing issues. This grant will empower the North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness to expand its outreach, enhance existing programs, and launch innovative initiatives aimed at eradicating homelessness in our state.

“NCCEH is deeply honored to receive such a generous grant from Oak Foundation, Inc. They ushered us through their administrative process with ease and emphasized their interest in developing a real partnership between our organization and theirs.” said Dr. Latonya Agard, Executive Director of the North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness. With this award, NCCEH will operationalize key aspects of our strategic plan, such as building capacity, deepening our DEI efforts, and improving internal processes. We’re excited about this relationship and the new resources we have to end homelessness in North Carolina.”

The funding will be utilized to:

Expand Outreach and Advocacy: The grant will enable us to reach more vulnerable individuals and families at risk of homelessness, providing them with resources and support to prevent housing instability.

Enhance Support Services: With increased funding, we can bolster our support services such as trainings for CoCs and providers across the State to promote best practices, analyze data, and share information.

Implement Innovative Solutions: The grant will facilitate the implementation of innovative housing solutions, including rapid rehousing and affordable housing initiatives that create sustainable paths out of homelessness.

Strengthen Data and Research: With this support, we can enhance our data collection and research efforts to better understand the factors contributing to ending homelessness and tailor our interventions accordingly.

Oak Foundation’s commitment to driving positive change aligns seamlessly with our organization’s goals, and this partnership exemplifies the impact that can be achieved through collaboration.

For over two decades, the North Carolina Coalition to End Homelessness has worked tirelessly to address the complex issue of homelessness, and with the Oak Foundation’s support, we are well-equipped to make even greater strides towards a future without homelessness.

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