Moral Monday Movement: Cease & Desist Delivery

By Tyria Bourda (Staff Writer)

“North Carolina is a State in Emergency and it’s time for a moral indictment of the NC General Assembly’s” said Reverend William L. Barber. In an invitation-only meeting. Members of the Moral Monday movement joined Bishop Barber in delivering a cease and desist letter to the North Carolina General Assembly. 

This past Sunday marked the 58th anniversary of the signing of the Voting Rights Act. Barber stated that even though decades have passed, our nation continues to face ongoing attacks not only on voting rights, but on healthcare, LGBTQ+ communities, women, people of color, the environment, and more.

“On behalf of tens of thousands of North Carolinians in need of economic justice, we will sign and deliver a letter to the General Assembly demanding legislators, “cease and desist” from their extensive agenda of policy murder and instead focus on passing laws that lift North Carolina’s 4.2 million poor and low wealth people out of poverty. We are tired of the attacks on the poor, low-wage workers, health care, voting rights, LGBTQ+ community, women, and on democracy itself.” said Reverend William L. Barber. 

Barber also echoed the remarks of Caitlin Swain of Forward Justice. He emphasized that the looming attack on voting rights must be stopped in its tracks. 

“This massive attack that the state legislature is planning again on voting rights, and its refusal to ensure living wages, healthcare, and environmental protections for the poor and low-wealth people of this state must be stopped in its tracks with all the moral and nonviolent tools available to us.” 

The demands were: 

  • Protect and expand voting rights. 
  • End the use of racial and partisan gerrymanders. 
  • Urge North Carolina congressional representatives to restore the Voting Rights Act of 1965’s key protections.
  • Affirm and fully restore the right to vote for the currently and formerly incarcerated in this state. 
  • Provide living wages and economic security for all workers.
  • Protect the right to form and join a union. 
  • Reverse course on the irresponsible and dangerous repeal of the pistol permit law.
  • Immediately adopt and implement universal quality healthcare.
  • Expand Medicaid with no strings attached.

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