Meet Mr. Reggie

By Jheri Hardaway

Special To The Carolinian

Reginald Alexander Thompson, the epitome of Aggie Pride, was affectionately known to the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University New City Alumni Association as Mr. Reggie. Mr. Reggie channeled the same affection he felt for North Carolina A&T State University to the New York City community, where he served as a beacon of light from his native state of Virginia, through the Carolinas, all the way to New York City. Mr. Reggie was a champion of the New York City community, serving the Alumni Chapter and countless families and individuals, providing tireless service and solutions during challenging times as a Social Worker.

Mr. Reggie’s consistent and unwavering representation of our beloved alma mater, North Carolina A&T State University, guaranteed that he stood out as a faithful servant. A proud member of the class of 1961, Mr. Reggie majored in Industrial Education. Not a day went by where at least one piece of his clothing represented either our beloved blue and gold or the Aggie logo. To many without access and opportunity, Mr. Reggie was the representation of North Carolina A&T as he communicated the university’s history, legacy, and values to anyone who would listen. Mr. Reggie valued our African culture and was present during the Civil Rights Movement sparked in 1960 on the campus of North Carolina A&T State University. Our Aggie brother gave hope to families that their children could and should apply to A&T and frequently helped to facilitate the process. Mr. Reggie inspired future students directly by sharing his experiences in “Aggie Land” explaining how he was forever inspired by the pedagogical principle, “not what to think but how to think.” 

In his final conversations, Mr. Reggie shared, “I just want the New York City Alumni Chapter to be successful and to establish our Endowment Fund.” The ultimate Aggie, for years Mr. Reggie was the Alumni Member that the Chapter relied on as he volunteered and, when requested, willingly accepted responsibility for completing a plethora of tasks. He helped to ensure that the chapter had a meeting space, that consistent communication was maintained with the University, and that any Aggie seeking elected office had the support and encouragement of the Alumni Chapter. That is the type of Aggie, Mr. Reggie personified. The epitome of Aggie Pride! The North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University New City Alumni Association is grateful, the New York City community is stronger, and above all proud of the legacy of service Mr. Reggie instilled in all of us. One final Aggie Pride for our brother and friend, Mr. Reginald Alexander Thompson. 

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