JOY, A Black-Owned School Launches A Generational Wealth Curriculum

Nationwide — Financial Joy School, a free financial education platform devoted to closing the racial wealth gap, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking initiative called the “We Build Generational Wealth Pledge.” Founded by Ruby “SunShine” Taylor, a double HBCU alumna of Howard University and Virginia Union University, the organization is dedicated to democratizing financial education for all.

The “We Build Generational Wealth Pledge” is a movement that invites families and communities to take actionable steps towards securing their financial future. By signing the pledge, participants commit to educating themselves and their loved ones about financial education, implementing wealth-building strategies, and passing on the knowledge to future generations.

Ruby, as the founder and CEO of Financial Joy School, was featured in Forbes for being such a passionate advocate for financial inclusion. She comments, “Our mission has always been to make financial education accessible to ALL. With the ‘We Build Generational Wealth Pledge,’ we are taking a bold step towards creating a world where everyone knows they can build generational wealth, no matter their starting point.”

Participants who sign the pledge will receive weekly generational wealth information for 52 weeks, along with a chance to receive financial rewards of $200, $100, or $50 on their journey toward building a lasting financial legacy. The pledge launch (April 2nd), is set to coincide with Financial Education Month in April, with a series of events and seminars featuring industry experts, including New York Times Bestselling Author Omar Tyree.

To further amplify the impact, Financial Joy School is offering a range of resources, including the acclaimed LEGACY! Card Game, educational seminars, and online content — all designed to make learning about finance engaging and accessible.

Ruby comments, “Join our movement and take the ‘We Build Generational Wealth Pledge’ today. Together, we can change the narrative around wealth and ensure a prosperous future for generations to come.”

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