Final 2021 Op-Ed

What a difference a year makes. If you are like most Americans, your family, your community, and your country are not better off than they were twelve months ago.

By every metric, the country is in worse shape than it was at the start of 2021 thanks to what has been a disastrous first term of broken promises by Democrats in power and the Biden-Harris Administration.

Here are 10 reasons why this year has been a disaster for the American people under the weak leadership of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer in Washington, DC.

From a global perspective we have seen the Biden-Harris Administration show dangerous ignorance when it comes to international relations. We are not respected, and it even caused the President of France to withdraw French Ambassadorial leadership out of the U.S. in protest to a submarine deal Biden made with Australia.

The Afghanistan withdrawal was an unmitigated failure that led to the deaths of thirteen innocent and tremendously brave American soldiers at the hands of terrorists. To add insult to injury, millions watched the Commander in Chief pay more attention to the time on his watch while standing to receive the bodies at Dover Air Force Base than he did on the families and flag-draped coffins of our fallen. Additionally, the administration kept changing the number of Americans that were — and still are — trapped in Afghanistan at the mercy of the Taliban. One left behind is too many and that is something Joe Biden must be held accountable for.

When it comes to securing the southern border, the Biden-Harris Administration has missed the mark. Vice President Harris was put in charge and failed on that mission because the border is still open, people are still dying, human trafficking is still ongoing, and the death rate due to fentanyl — a lethal drug which continues to pour through the open border — continues to skyrocket. Fentanyl overdoses are now the leading cause of death of young Americans.

President Biden has yet to visit the border to see first-hand what his dangerous policies are doing to so many communities across the country. The RNC Research team has yet to find one piece of evidence in the public domain that shows Biden visiting the border in the past twelve days, past twelve months, or past twelve years.

The Biden-Harris Administration has attacked American small businesses through its commitment to raise taxes, unconstitutional and discriminatory forced vaccine mandates, and policies that create an unstable business climate.


Crime is on the rise and communities across the country are less safe. Families are not safe in their own homes, children are not safe walking to school, and businesses are not safe, left exposed to crime and looting by this Democrat backed push to defund the police. With so much violence, burglaries, and murders, you see hypocritical and opportunistic liberal politicians like the Mayor of San Francisco changing their tune after a year of turmoil in the streets. Now, some Democrats want to refund police departments and add more officers to keep the peace and protect the community. It’s a shame that it took so much tragedy for them to get some common sense.

The economy is in shambles and the Biden-Harris administration has no plan to fix the economic crisis they caused. Most people thought by the end of the year we would not see what so many people are experiencing: an economy that is failing them. Inflation is real and on the rise with no quick end in sight according to economic experts across the political spectrum. The administration tried to convince us that it was temporary, but it is coming with us into the new year. Gas prices are up, there is a supply chain crisis, and almost everything you need to live is costing more money.

After being forced to radically alter our daily lives we have seen Democrat-led lockdowns and mandates do nothing to stop COVID-19 this year. Twelve months later the country is seeing record high cases, and now more Americans have died this year from COVID than last year. There has been so much confusion coupled with aggressive and unconstitutional mandates that have not led to a change for the better. In fact, Kamala Harris admitted that the administration did not see the latest variant coming. That is embarrassing and is having serious consequences as we enter into the new year.

Race relations have not improved under Biden because of the pandering, lies, and race baiting done by Democrats. Race has been inserted into everything under the guise of being woke – but totally ineffective. At every step you see Democrats playing the race card to suit their political interests while failing to pass police reform.

This has been a year of broken promises and lies that benefit no one. Biden has said “the single greatest currency you have is your word—keeping your word.” The idea that they would make quality child care affordable” did not ring true because many families could see their child care costs double under his Build Back Broke agenda.

The number one reason the Biden-Harris administration gets a failing grade is because they have failed the millions of Americans who are in greatest need. Today, “low-income Americans,” roughly 71 percent of households making under $40,000, have reported hardship due to rising prices. This Biden inflation is a tax increase, and it is disproportionally hurting lower- and middle-class Americans.

In 2022 the American people will have to make a choice on the future of the country and who should be in charge. With this terrible track record, the Democrats will have to prove they are worthy of another chance to lead after failing so miserably and hurting so many. They don’t deserve that chance. New year, new leadership. 

Paris Dennard is the National Spokesperson and Director of Black Media Affairs for the Republican National Committee (RNC). Follow him on Twitter: @PARISDENNARD.

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