Dr. Spearman Died of a “Self Inflicted” Wound

By Cash Michaels, Contributing Writer

According to the “summary and interpretation” from the Office of the  Chief Medical Examiner, the cause of death of Rev. Dr. Theodore Anthony Spearman, former president of the North Carolina NAACP, “is attributed to a self-inflicted gunshot wound of the head resulting in significant internal injury involving the skull and brain matter.

The summary continued, “a bullet associated with the firearm discharge involved was recovered from the body at the time of the autopsy.”

But the summary has another startling revelation.

“Postmortem examination additionally revealed apparent self-inflicted small superficial cuts along the inside of both wrists- which did not substantially contribute to the demise.”

The report earlier states under “No contributory non-firearm injury identified – incised wounds of wrists, apparently self-inflicted using an X-ACTO knife.”

“No contributory natural disease is identified; and toxicological analysis of the blood showed no evidence of alcohol consumption.”

The final line of the summary makes clear how Dr. Spearman died.

“In view of the overall death investigation and postmortem examination findings, the manner of death  is classified as Suicide.”

Indeed the official “certification cause of death” is listed as “gunshot wound to the head.”

The listed “Direction of fire” for the  “projectile track” of the bullet that killed Rev. Dr. Spearman “is from the decedent’s right to left and slightly front to back. “

As reported by the Black Press in July of last year, the lifeless body of Rev. Dr. Spearman was found in the basement of his Greensboro home, spread out on a couch amid a large pool of blood, by then Greensboro NAACP President Bradley Hunt. According to the Medical Examiner Report, the autopsy was conducted on July 27, 2022. The ME of record was Nabila Haikai MD, who signed off on the report on February 14, 2022.

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