Coloring Books Tackle Mental Health, Bullying, and Suicide

Nationwide — Meet Henderson Vaughan, the mastermind behind The Real Adventures Of Captain85, a coloring book for Black children that has proven to be a powerful tool to raise awareness and inspire action on issues such as gun violence, bullying, suicide, and mental health. More than just a fun activity for kids and adults, his coloring book features comic real-life stories and characters that are based on his personal experiences.

Vaughan, who also used the name Captain85 as a DJ and entertainer, was inspired to create the comic book character in 1979 after reading a verse from the Bible. He wanted to share his message of hope and faith with others, especially the youth who are facing challenges and hardships in their lives. He has received many awards from local and national organizations, including the 2024 President’s Volunteer Service Award, for his work and dedication.

The coloring book allows readers to engage with the character and their world in a different way by actively participating in the coloring process. Each page depicts a specific scene or moment from the character’s adventures, which are based on real-life situations. The reader becomes the colorist of the story, adding color to the characters, backgrounds, and other elements on the page. They can also use their imagination to create their own versions of the scenes, adding personal touches and interpretations as they color.

The combination of a comic book character with real-life stories and characters can offer a rich and immersive coloring experience. It allows readers to not only enjoy the act of coloring but also become more involved in the narrative and world-building aspects of the story. It can be a great way to spark creativity and imagination while engaging with the Captain85 character and their storylines.

The Real Adventures of Captain85 Coloring Book was released in February 2024 and is a coloring book with a message for the Black community as well as a creative twist to the traditional coloring book experience that can make a difference.

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