Bad Jobs Report

Last week the Bureau of Labor Statistics put out the monthly jobs report and it was not good for the Biden-Harris administration. This jobs report proves that the administration’s attempt to sell the American people on their agenda is failing.

In fact, this is the worst jobs report of the year — things are getting worse, not better. November saw the fewest jobs return since Biden took office. This is having a devastating impact on our economy and American families as we try to hold on to the remnants of the recovery Biden inherited from President Trump.

Of note this month is the fact that there is one group that is consistently being left behind and shut out by this administration: Black youth.

In a recent U.S. poll, 56% of young people and 64% of older people said that children today would be economically worse off than their parents. When President Trump was ‘Making America Great Again’ I long contended that there was no all-consuming time period for everyone, moreover it was personal to each family when things were better for them from a socio-economic standard.

Young people should be excited about the future about the opportunities they have right now living in the best country on the face of the earth, the United States of America. Sadly, for so many right now, the promise of opportunities and economy freedom is not a reality. Black youth living under the big government control of Democrats in Washington, DC are being let down by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

At a staggering 21.9%, the Black youth unemployment rate is higher this month than it was this time last year when it was at 17.4%. For the last three consecutive months of 2021, the unemployment rate has continued to go up, September it was 15.7%, October it was 16.1% and again this month, it is 21.9%.

We want our youth to get experience at a young age. Learning about the value of money and the dignity of work are important to instill early on, especially between the ages of 16-19 years of age.

Last month, I was selected to attend the American Swiss Foundation’s Youth Leaders Conference in Buonas, Switzerland. During this weeklong conference I was impressed by the way this small country has truly cornered the market on the issue of creating jobs and opportunities for young people through their apprenticeship programs. While you can’t compare the two countries on every level because we are very different from a size and socioeconomic standpoint, there are some things that could be replicated to benefit Black youth here.

The Trump administration was a major proponent of not only working with Switzerland on apprenticeships but expanding the apprenticeship model in the U.S. They focused on increasing and diversifying our skilled labor force by creating more opportunities through apprenticeship programs, increasing deregulation, creating a small business friendly environment, and pushing for more U.S. manufacturing and job creation which would benefit Black youth.

In the absence of an America-first agenda all Americans suffer. This is exactly what we are seeing in our country today because of weak leadership from the Biden-Harris administration.

President Biden and Democrats ignore the people and continue to push for a bloated, multitrillion-dollar spending bill which even liberal economists have cautioned will lead to higher inflation and make life harder for middle-class and poor Americans — especially those in the Black community.

This jobs report is unwelcome news during the Holiday season and before the new year when people want to be optimistic and happy. For months the administration said inflation was temporary, but with it showing no signs of stopping, they have now conceded it is time to retire the word “transitory.” Inflation is real, just like the rising gas prices, crime wave, increased energy costs, supply chain shortages, jobs crisis, and lack of control of COVID-19 and the Southern border.

According to Jazmin Goodwin for CNN Money, “In addition to the jobs crisis, Black youth and their families struggle with the potential high costs of student loan debt. With less access to generational wealth, taking on student loan debt is often the only choice for many Blacks students to be able to attend college. During the current crisis, however, some Black students are deciding that’s a level of risk they can’t afford to take, and are pivoting their plans as a result.”

Black youth were promised student loan debt relief by Joe Biden and that has been another pandering empty promise that adds to the uncertainly of their economic futures under the Democrats. In fact the student loan repayment pause is set to resume in 60 days.

The only thing Biden has delivered on for Black youth is a reality that his policies are not working. He is making their lives worse off not just for themselves but for their families and communities. More can and should be done. I am looking forward to Republicans answering the call with a red wave in the midterms.

Paris Dennard is the National Spokesperson and Director of Black Media Affairs for the Republican National Committee (RNC). Follow him on Twitter: @PARISDENNARD.

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