It was an epic moment and gathering on December 2, 2023, for the 40th Anniversary of Thriller Dance Re-Enactment produced by Chicago Community Activist/ Producer Mother Diva. The event was sponsored in part by the LA Valley Recovery Center. They help people detox from drugs and alcohol.

“Mr. Jackson always believed in doing things that had never been done before. Out of all the Thriller tributes, no one had produced a reenactment in the same location the dance scene was shot which was at 3701 Union Pacific Ave in Boyle Heights East Los Angeles,” said Mother Diva. This was a partnership with Open Door Skid Row Ministries executive director Geraldine Hughes. They have fed the homeless every Friday and Sunday for the past 15 years on 6th and San Pedro in the heart of Los Angeles Skid Row. 

Ironically Thriller song went to number 1 this past 4th Quarter 40 years later on the Billboard R & B Digital Sales Chart compared to when it was first released on January 23, 1984 only went to number 4.The Thriller Short Film has received 947 million views on YouTube. The goal is to get it to 1 billion views.

“I was hoping to see if Ms. Ola Ray could recreate her walk but her schedule was very tight. I had planned to use other performers and invite Ms. Ray to watch it. She agreed to come to watch and then it happened. I lost my actress and I reached out to Ms. Ray because she is a colleague of mine. I first met her in 2018 at the Dark History and Horror Con festival in Champaign IL.

We stayed in contact over the past 5 years. I asked her to come to re- enact her walk and I got the City of Los Angeles City Councilman Kevin De’leon of District 14 where the short film dance sequence was shot to honor the event and Ms. Ray with a Certificate of Acknowledgment.

“Ms. Ray agreed” said Mother Diva .

“I told Mother Diva I wanted to walk alone no one could replace MJ. I actually felt him around me as I was walking that same street 40 years later it was healing and closure for me. I will always be here for all the fans and supporters but I’m working on other projects now. I am an author. My book “about my life “The Thrill of it All” an autographed copy can be purchased on my website.

I’m also starring in a new TV series “Blue Hotel” being shot in the Bahamas produced by Mario Damina and writing a script based on my book. Be on the lookout for all things Ola Ray.” said Ola Ray.

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