Let’s Catch Up: #BankingWithBea

Hello friends!! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve last had a chance to catch up with you. So many things have transpired. I am so happy to sit down, this week, to talk about some goals to set for the remainder of this year. We will also recap the first half of the year.

It is finally the first week of school (hooray) for many students and we are still in the middle of a global pandemic. I have had many customers coming to sit down with me to review their credit reports. I even fell victim to a data breach with my cell phone service provider, which caused me to take extra precautions, like freezing my credit, to protect my personal information and my identity.

Before you know it, the end of the year will be here, and it will be time to re-evaluate your credit and financial health again. I recommend, taking advantage of the free credit reports to make sure everything is still safe and sound. I would also have another conversation with your personal banker about your account options.

Some of you have certificates of deposit (cd’s) that have recently matured, and you have discovered that interest rates have drastically lowered (eek!). Depending on your financial health, now is a great time to meet with your financial advisor to discuss your long-term goals. Many people have retired and are needing sound advice on their retirement funds. Others are wanting to retire in the next five years or so and need to have a plan in place.

Mortgage rates are still pretty good right now, so sitting down with a Mortgage Loan Officer (MLO) would be a great step in the right direction. Getting a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), or refinancing to lower costs or pay down debt, tuition, medical bills, etc. are all great goals before the new year.When it comes to mortgages, the sooner the better. Take advantage of the housing market right now!

Overall, this year we’ve talked about financial reviews, savings accounts, checking your credit health, home-buying options, and we even sat down with a financial advisor for a five-week series. I have personally implemented so many of the tips that we’ve learned, and I even sent my first child off to college! I have learned a great deal from our weekly columns, and I look forward to sitting down with more experts, getting to know more NC bankers, and helping increase the financial literacy of our amazing communities.

I hear success stories from customers all the time. I also know how the topics we cover help get me back on track when “life happens”. That unexpected medical bill, a life changing event such as divorce or the birth/adoption of a new child, are all things that can impact your financial health. The goal is to make sure you understand the options, so you can make the best decision for you and your family.

Let me know what topics you want covered, any questions you want answered, or any milestones that you want to share! Keep leading with those amazing gifts! [email protected]#BankWithBea