Crisis at our Southern Border

There is a crisis on our Southern Border going on right now and the Biden Administration wants to pretend that it is not happening. Yet, it is hard for Biden to ignore the thousands of migrants at the border when there are photos and videos of them wearing T-shirts that say, “Biden please let us in!” This is another example of how Joe Biden refuses to accept data and facts when it comes to his decision making.

As PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor said, “You have a White House that is wanting to say that there’s not a crisis at the border, but the numbers don’t lie.” With a reported 7,700 unaccompanied migrant children in Health and Human Services facilities she is right—the numbers do not lie, and they paint the picture of an actual crisis spiraling out of control by the lack of acceptance, attention, and action by the Biden team to address it head on.

In January 2021 we saw 5,707 unaccompanied children apprehended at the border which was 112 percent higher than January 2020. In fact, the situation has gotten so out of control that the Biden Administration had to open temporary housing facilities they criticized the Trump Administration for using to give the children a place to stay.

Even Democrats in border states are calling out Biden’s dangerous policies: Democrat Representative Henry Cuellar warned of the immigration consequences, saying that Biden provided “an incentive” for illegal immigration, especially in the midst of a global pandemic where “the ones who are coming in, they’re not tested [for coronavirus]… so if they get on the bus, they can travel anywhere” in the county. Still, Joe Biden insists there is no crisis on the border.

If the Biden Administration refuses to acknowledge that there is a crisis then that would mean they must be doing things that are making us secure on the border. Sadly, they are not.

During his first 100 days we have seen Biden’s radical agenda create the climate for our nation to tragically have open borders, such as his executive order stopping the successful and effective construction of the Southern border wall.

According to an exclusive CNN report, “In Yuma, Arizona, there were more than 600 people—of all ages—in custody in a space designed for 104, according to the data. And in the Rio Grande Valley, more than 2,000 people were in custody in a space for 715.”

The Biden Administration is holding children for days in centers never designed for that purpose and they are at full capacity. Clearly not what you want to have occurring during a global pandemic.

From a humanitarian standpoint the Biden Administration has to be held accountable for the rapid increase in unaccompanied children crossing over the Southern border. Can you imagine the added pressure our border agents have to endure by dealing with all of the unknowns that comes with these children?

It is particularly frustrating that Democrats seem to be prioritizing illegal immigrant children before American children. They are telling American parents that our children can’t assemble in person by keeping our schools closed, but it is okay, humane and safe for undocumented children to be held together indefinitely? As Biden says, “c’mon man.”

We are a nation of laws and there is a reasonable expectation that everyone should follow them, especially those who wish to make the United States of America their new home. That is not the case with the thousands of illegal immigrants attempting to come into our country right now because they know there is a new President in office who supports open borders.

The issue of open borders should not be a partisan issue, but it sadly has become one. Democrats and Republicans should be united in opposition to having unsecure borders where all types of people can come in at will for any reason and stay as long as they wish.

Particularly troubling is that by Joe Biden signaling a willingness for open borders and exploiting legal loopholes, he in turn is giving illegal criminal immigrants a clear welcome mat for smuggling drugs, or even trafficking women and children.

We have to have standards and laws. We all know Americans can’t just walk into another country, take all their government resources and live there just because we want to. There is a legal process we all would have to follow.

Now is not the time to ease up on our border security by halting the progress made during the Trump Administration to keep our nation safe. However, that is exactly what Joe Biden and his radical Democrats in Congress are doing through their advocacy of open borders and refusal to acknowledge the crisis we all see unraveling before our eyes. President Trump was right to point out the economic impact that illegal immigration plays on American communities of color. There is no doubt that certain populations, namely in more predominantly Black cities, bear the brunt of the negative socio-economic, and now critical health impacts, of open borders. The priority should be putting Americans first, not illegal immigrants.

Mr. Paris Dennard

National Spokesperson and Director of Black Media Affairs

Republican National Committee

310 First Street SE | Washington, DC 20003

Twitter: @parisdennard