Will We Survive This?

By Dani Ross, Staff Writer An Analysis Black people have been many things in America. We have been property, a fraction of a person, enslaved, marginalized, displaced, disregarded and disrespected. There has always been a certain hatred for dark skinned people in America, but today is something different. When the first enslaved people were brought to America, they were brought here against their will. They were used as human farm

He’s Black, British & F1’s Best Driver

Lewis Hamilton By Matt Maltby, MIRROR From the moment he breezed off the line from pole at Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya, there was no stopping the Briton from romping to his 88th triumph. The Mercedes star led every lap and took the chequered flag a mighty 24.1 seconds ahead of Max Verstappen, with Valtteri Bottas in third. He even lapped the entire field up to third and this lights-to-flag precession

Why Aren’t Cigarette Co.’s Considered Drug Dealers?

By Dr. Kimberly Muktarian Staff Writer People of color have been on the wrong end of the tobacco trade since Sir Walter Raleigh introduced the drug to England in the 1500s. When Raleigh introduced this new leisure to England it created a cash crop that would later bail England out of debt, and make the first demands for labor to harvest tobacco in America.  Though Raleigh never ventured to North

Duke Energy: $750,000 In Grants For Social Justice

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Duke Energy today announced a new $750,000 grant opportunity through the Duke Energy Foundation for North Carolina nonprofit organizations working for social justice and racial equity.  Applications will be reviewed through a competitive grant cycle, and $25,000 grants will be awarded for general operating funds at eligible nonprofits. The company has committed to an annual social justice and racial equity grant cycle for at least three years in

National Leaders Share Recommendations For Addressing Racism

By Phyllis Boykin and Fredette West Director, African-American Health Alliance It is plain to see that there is a new movement afloat that has awakened the consciousness of not only American citizens, but also citizens around the world. The televised murder of George Floyd brought about unforeseen protests that have continued relentlessly for the past eight weeks, with no end in sight. Protesters of all ages, from different ethnic backgrounds, genders,

Know Your Rights During A Traffic Stop

By Reginald L. Woods, IIStaff writer So you have been pulled over by the police for what they state to be a “routine traffic stop”… now what? Overview The current state of our nation has caused many black and brown people to find themselves unnerved by the current policies, procedures, and practices being utilized by law enforcement officers across our nation, and rightfully so.  For many, this unnerving feeling continues

Trump Signed A ‘Strong’ Order Protecting Monuments

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump used Twitter on Friday to call for the arrest of protesters involved in this week’s attempt to pull down the statue of Andrew Jackson from a park directly in front of the White House. He also tweeted that he had signed an executive order to protect monuments, memorials and statues. Trump retweeted an FBI wanted poster showing pictures of 15 protesters who are wanted

NASA Names HQ For ‘Hidden Figure’ Mary W. Jackson

By Paris Dennard, RNC Senior Communications Advisor On Wednesday June 24, 2020, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine announced the agency’s headquarters building in Washington, D.C., will be named after Mary W. Jackson, the first Black American female engineer at NASA.  Jackson started her NASA career in the segregated West Area Computing Unit of the agency’s Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia. Jackson, a mathematician and aerospace engineer, went on to lead programs

Wilmington Police Officers Fired After Racist Rants

(AP) — Three members of a North Carolina police department have been fired after a department audit of a video recording captured one of the officers saying a civil war was necessary to wipe Black people off the map and that he was ready. The Wilmington Police Department took the action on Tuesday against Cpl. Jessie Moore, and officers Kevin Piner and Brian Gilmore. Each was accused of violating standards

Black Cotton Co. Is More Than A Crop

It is said that if you do what you love, then you will never work a day in your life. If you are a farmer that statement needs to be amended because farming is work. But if you love it, you will never want to do any other thing in your life. There is no doubt that Julius Tillery loves farming. He has to. How else can someone be a