DEA’s failure to punish distributor blamed in opioid crisis raises revolving door questions

SHREVEPORT, La. (AP) - The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has allowed one of the nation's largest wholesale drug distributors to keep shipping highly addictive painkillers for nearly four years after a judge recommended it be stripped of its license for its "cavalier disregard" of thousands of suspicious orders fueling the opioid crisis. The DEA did not respond to repeated questions from The Associated Press about its handling of the case

Do not call: States sue telecom company over billions of robocalls

PHOENIX (AP) - Attorneys general across the U.S. joined in a lawsuit against a telecommunications company accused of making more than 7.5 billion robocalls to people on the national Do Not Call Registry. The 141-page lawsuit was filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Phoenix against Avid Telecom, its owner Michael D. Lansky and company vice president Stacey S. Reeves. It seeks a jury trial to determine damages. The lawsuit

Darrel Harris and Yellow are Driving Progress

By DR. JOYNICOLE MARTINEZ, Staff Writer Darrel Harris, President of Yellow Darrel Harris is the first Black president of a major trucking company. Yellow is the fifth largest transportation company in the country and the second largest “less than truckload” (LTL) company in the nation. After working his way through trucking and shipping over 25 years, Harris speaks with a confidence and passion that is balanced with his humility and


GROSS INCOME, NOT NET PROFIT, FOR SCHEDULE C FILERS In our ongoing commitment to keep you informed about the PPP program, we are excited to relay this important update about the PPP program, provided by The Tennie Group in North Carolina. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) issued new Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) rules that allow self-employed individuals who file Form 1040, Schedule C, Profit or Loss From Business, to calculate