BET Fails to Fact Check Harris

Vice President Kamala Harris recently sat down for an easy interview with BET News to discuss issues they thought important to the Black community, including COVID-19 vaccines, the economy, voting, and crime. The interview was not hard-hitting, and she was not challenged or held accountable for the things she and President Biden are doing, which are holding Black Americans back from being safe, healthy, empowered, and prosperous.

Instead, BET allowed Harris to lie multiple times on really important issues. There was no fact checking. There was no interest in challenging her to address the opinions of those who take issue with their radical policies. This was especially true on the issue of voting.

We all know Harris allegedly chose to take the lead on the Biden-Harris Administration’s efforts to enact a federal takeover of our local elections. Their unspoken aim is power and to eliminate free and fair elections by having a system ensuring their favored Democrats can win. With the DNC recently losing a major legal case dealing with the issue of ballot harvesting and voting in your designated precinct, there were opportunities for Harris to be questioned about the validity of many of her arguments. She is making false claims about Republican efforts to secure the vote for every single American citizen, especially those in the Black community. She ought to be held accountable.

The real question is: why does the Vice President choose to mislead Black America about things like the Georgia voting law? The simple answer is radical Democrats like Harris just want more power, and are willing to spread fake news like saying, “they are punishing people for standing in line to vote…if you are going to stand in line for all these hours you can’t have any water or any food.”

This lie has been debunked countless times in the media and yet here she goes again trying to tell Black people something she knows to be untrue. It is fake news, and it is a coordinated misinformation campaign at the expense of Black Americans who really do care about voting and making sure their votes count.

When it came to the issue of the crime crisis we have in America right now under this administration, Harris refused to acknowledge the fact that the Democrat-led Defund the police movement is hurting Black communities all over America. The crime is out of control and yet there is no action from the Biden-Harris team to address the crisis that is a clear and present danger to millions of Black Americans right now. We do not need to reimagine policing; we need to re-fund police departments. IF she truly cared about police reform, she would have worked in a bipartisan manner to get a deal done last year with Senator Tim Scott’s JUSTICE Act. For example, Harris commented on ending the chokehold. Well, that could have been the law of the land last year but her Democrat caucus in the U.S. Senate filibustered Sen. Scott’s legislation, knowing that Republicans backed it and President Trump would have signed it.

With the issue of this disastrous economy, Democrats are still dishonestly trying to sugarcoat the realities that Black workers and entrepreneurs are facing today. For starters, yes, we know that if you pay people more money to be on unemployment they will not go and get a job. What Vice President Harris doesn’t get is the fact that our federal government is working overtime to hurt Black owned businesses, vendors, and workers with this $300 bonus for unemployment. Black entrepreneurs cannot and will not build back better economically when the government is taking away their ability to hire people to establish, maintain and grow their businesses.

It was shocking to hear Harris tout things that President Trump proposed last year as a potential solution for the economic issues Black Americans are facing. When it comes to Operation Warp Speed and the creation of three vaccines by the Trump Administration, Harris wants us to forget she trashed the vaccine. It’s reminiscent of how Democrats trashed President Trump’s Black Economic Empowerment Plan, known as the Platinum Plan, while they now praise the vaccine and pull from the Platinum Plan in their responses on how to improve our situation.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ interview with BET highlighted the depths the Biden-Harris administration will go to continue to lie to Black Americans about the facts around health, the failing economy, rising crime, and election integrity. Instead of being honest about how their failed policies are hurting Black America, they chose to repackage President Trump’s Black Economic Empowerment Plan and call it their own in trying to address the crises they have created. At the end of the day, the Black community is not well-served by the policies of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Paris Dennard is the National Spokesperson and Director of Black Media Affairs for the Republican National Committee (RNC). Follow him on Twitter: @PARISDENNARD.