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Meet Mr. Reggie

February 20, 2024

By Jheri Hardaway Special To The Carolinian Reginald Alexander Thompson, the epitome of Aggie Pride, was affectionately known to the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University New City Alumni Association as Mr. Reggie. Mr. Reggie channeled the same affection […]

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South Carolina House approves Sunday liquor sales, potentially lifting another religious restriction

February 17, 2024

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) – The South Carolina House has given key approval to a bill allowing liquor stores to stay open on Sundays for a few hours if their local governments allow it. Supporters said it is time to update […]

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Legal Plights and Civil Rights: The Journey of Professor Irving L. Joyner

February 16, 2024

By: JORDAN MEADOWS, STAFF WRITER Professor Irving L. Joyner has been an integral part of the North Carolina Central University (NCCU) School of Law since 1982. As one of the university’s longest-serving faculty members, Professor Joyner’s journey is marked by […]

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Social justice advocates warn judges’ partisanship means ‘there are no guardrails’

February 16, 2024

North Carolinians should be concerned about the high stakes of the 2024  judicial elections  – and beyond, social justice leaders say. “Our courts have been, and should be, the guard rails. They should function as a way for checks and […]

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If court sinks Leandro, NC children will go down with it (Editorial)

February 15, 2024

By: Jonathan Sher ”Saturday Night Live’s” Weekend Update” joked recently that the menu on the Titanic — the infamous, ill-fated luxury ocean liner — included not only gourmet foods, but also “bottomless water.” Perhaps innocent joking about it has become […]

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DHHS putting $5.5 million into behavioral health program for formerly incarcerated people

February 15, 2024

BOSTON (AP) – Microsoft said Wednesday that U.S. adversaries – chiefly Iran and North Korea and to a lesser extent Russia and China – are beginning to use its generative artificial intelligence to mount or organize offensive cyber operations. The […]

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Breast cancer cluster suspected at NC State’s Poe Hall, contaminated with PCBs; separate study shows those chemicals linked to that cancer

February 14, 2024

NC NEWSLINE – A 2020 study of nearly 800 North Carolina women found that PCBs might increase the risk death from breast cancer, raising questions about a suspected cluster at N.C. State’s Poe Hall, which is contaminated with high levels of the […]

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CVS Health grows more cautious about 2024 as it deals with rising Medicare Advantage costs

February 10, 2024

Busy Medicare Advantage businesses have CVS Health and other insurance providers spooked about the new year. The health care giant said Wednesday that it was scaling back already cautious expectations for 2024 as it tries to understand why costs keep […]

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Report finds 93 US deaths after cosmetic surgery in Dominican Republic since 2009

February 9, 2024

NEW YORK (AP) – U.S. health officials say 93 Americans have died after cosmetic surgery in the Dominican Republic since 2009, with many of the recent deaths involving a procedure known as a Brazilian butt lift. The operation has grown […]

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Lupus and other autoimmune diseases strike far more women than men. Now there’s a clue why

February 8, 2024

WASHINGTON (AP) – Women are far more likely than men to get autoimmune diseases, when an out-of-whack immune system attacks their own bodies – and new research may finally explain why. It’s all about how the body handles females’ extra […]

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