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In 1939 The Carolinian was born, but that is not were the story begins. 

Four years before there was a Carolinian, the founder, Paul Jervay, Sr. worked for the Carolina Tribune, a black newspaper based in Raleigh. He brought loads of experience from his youth with him as well as knowledge from his days as a teacher of Linotype at Hampton University in Virginia. During his time at Hampton, he also worked for the Chicago Defender covering the riots in Chicago. 

Paul Jervay Sr.'s strength in Linotype helped give the Carolina Tribune a better, more progressive look. His life experiences gave him a unique advantage in the field of newspaper. Combining those two things with a passion for success, Paul saw the potential of the newspaper to do great things. In 1939 he purchased it from Mr. Nanton, the owner, and renamed it The Carolinian.

Early on in his ownership, Paul saw the need to have multiple publications to make the kind of money that was necessary to be successful in this industry during those times. He developed the North Carolina Newspaper Network, which incorporated 7 newspapers across the state. The newspapers were localized in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Charlotte, Rocky Mount, Greenville and Kinston, in addition to The Carolinian in Raleigh.

He did this by syndication in an era where that was uncommon. He published the Raleigh edition and employed sales people across the state to make each syndicated newspaper localized. Paul did this until the 1950's when a couple of northern newspapers moved into the state. The Afro and the Journal & Guide had newspapers with more pages so to compete he changed his strategy.

He did away with the network and upgraded the flagship publication, The Carolinian. 

With his father-in-law's help he was able to move out of the basement located inside of the Hamlin Drug Store and build a print shop of his own on Martin Street. 

With more space in the new building he was able to accommodate a new rotary press. He used a method called "hot type", made of melted pig iron, to print. Hot type was the most widely used technology at that time. In the mid 1960's he became aware of off-set printing technology and purchased the first web press in Wake County. The largest benefit of this press was the ability to print 16 pages at a time.  

The offset press made the printing process simpler and allowed The Carolinian to be competitive. In the 1970's, Paul added a UPI picture machine.  This  allowed him to get photos over a wire and gave him the ability to print news from across the country complete with photos.

He reestablished the Rock Mount, Greenville and Henderson newspapers and ran those until the late 1980's.

In the early 1980's Paul took The Carolinian from once weekly to a twice weekly newspaper. It still remains the only twice weekly African American newspaper in North Carolina.

Paul Jervay, Sr. passed away in 1993. He was considered an innovator, printing pioneer and a champion of the community.

The Carolinian has survived through Paul's daughter Printess, his son Paul Jr., and now his granddaughter Adria.

Meet the Family

The Carolinian is more than a business. Yes, we do produce an exemplary product, but our passion is our people. The level of dedication that the Carolinian staff exudes goes far beyond simple employment. We do what we do because we love it! We take great pride in bringing you, our community, quality news for the betterment of your life. 

We call our subscribers family because the time and effort that we put into educating and uplifting others is usually reserved for those closest to you. And who is closer to you than your own family? So, if you are not already a member, join us. We welcome you to be a member of The Carolinian family.

Paul R Jervay, Jr.

National Advertising Sales

60 years of service to The Carolinian and counting. If it can be done, Paul can do it.

Octavia Rainey

Human Rights and Housing

4 years with The Carolinian and 30 years in housing and human rights advocacy.

Jeneea Jervay-Bush

Health and Fitness

From inserting in the 1980's to inspiring healthy lifestyles today through writing.

Howard Barnett

Production Manager

37 years of service to The Carolinian and counting. From drafting & floppy disk to digital.

Sharon Alston

Billing and Accounts Receivable 

14 years of service to The Carolinian and counting. Every ad is accounted for.

Nicholas Curry

Sports Columnist

Exemplary product of HBCUs, a sports writer and a newbie at The Carolinian.

Adria Jervay


3rd Generation.


Andrew Alston

Circulation Manager

16 years of service to The Carolinian and counting. He gets you your newspaper.

Kimberly Muktarian

Justice and Injustice

1 year of service to The Carolinian and counting. Injustices will not be a secret.

Kathie Easter

Research Journalist

New kid on the block at The Carolinian. Finding the truth and making it known.

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